About Marcus 

I was brought up in the countryside with glory of God's creation all around and in a Christian home. It was as a teenager, after I had nearly drowned, that I heard the words from the General Thanksgiving,  "may we show forth our thankfulness by giving up ourselves to thy service"  and felt called to the priesthood.  It was not, however, until I was at University that I experienced God's all-accepting love and forgiveness in Jesus Christ.


After university, I went to India as a student and this got me really interested in India's religions and how they relate to my Christian faith. I recognised, that despite all their differences, that there is one God of Love who speaks through all the great religions - but who we are influences what we hear. The more I learn about other religions and meeting holy people makes me ever more aware how wonderful God is. and that "God loves every child of every race

For many years I have been a parish priest (now retired) for over fifty years. For most of that time I have also been very involved in interfaith work,  especially through the World Congress of Faiths, which I joined in 1964 and of which I am now Joint-President.


I was Director of the Council of Christians and Jews in the UK from 1984-8. I am a Co-Founder of the Faith and Belief Forum (formerly the Three  Faiths Forum), and a Peace Councillor. I also played a part in bringing other international interfaith organisations together to mark the centennial of the World Parliament of Religions, which was held in Chicago in 1893. Events were held in many parts of the world - including Chicago, London, Bangalore ( Sarva Dharma Sammelana) Japan.


 am grateful for the chance to have travelled widely to attend interfaith conferences and to lecture. I have been back to India several times and I studied for a semester in Israel at Tantur Ecumenical Centre.


In September 2004, I was awarded a Lambeth Doctorate of Divinity by the Archbishop of Canterbury 'in recognition of his contribution to the development of inter-religious co-operation and understanding throughout the world.' I have also received the Sir Sigmund Sternberg Interfaith Gold Medallion, and Lifetime achievment awards from the Kashi Ashram, the Temple of Understanding and Ramanuja Mission  Trust Society, and was honoured by being 'lifted up' by Sri Chinmoi. .

The year in India made me very aware of the real suffering caused by poverty - so my great hope is that people of faith will overcome past hostility so that they can promote peace and justice, address the sufferings of those who are refugees or are destitute hand care for the natural world

I have a wonderfully loving and supportive wife Mary - an experienced social worker. She has shared fully in both parish life and interfaith work.


We have -two marvellous children, Rachel and Jeremy, and six beautiful grand-daughters. 

I like gardening, swimming, photography, poetry etc... I wish there was more time! 

Contact: Rev Dr Marcus Braybrooke

17 Courtiers Green,

Clifton Hampden,

Abingdon OX14 3EN


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