The religion of love is the message of 

all religions"

Marcus Braybrooke is an Anglican priest, interfaith activist, and author of many books on world religions, interfaith co-operation and spirituality and prayer.  he is a co-Founder of the Faith and Belief Forum and Joint President of the World Congress.

His wife Mary, a social worker and magistrate has shared in the interfaith work and is a Vice-President of the World Congress of Faiths.

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A Christian Approach




The Sikh Gurus’ message that there is only one God, although called by many names and that humanity is one- whatever our nationality, colour or creed -is urgently needed today, as well as the emphasis on peace and service of others. This book in a very readable way describes the lives of the Sikh Gurus and their teaching as it is recorded in the Sikh Holy Book, the Guru Granth Sahib. This book also tells the story of the Sikhs in the Punjab and of the growing Sikh communities in Britain and North America up to the present day and the issues they face in their new homes The famous Golden Temple is described and the reader is introduced to the worship and life of a Gurdwara.


Marcus Braybrooke has made many visits to India and worked closely with the Sikh community in Britain. 

The book is published by Braybrooke Press and is available fro and other on line suppliers  ISBN 978-0-244-30699-1

Faiths Together for  the Future 

The story of the World Congress of Faiths and the growing global interfaith movement to heal the world


 At a time when religions are misused to justify war, Faiths Together for a Better World describes more hopeful develop-ments: that of the growth of a worldwide interfaith movement, started 125 years ago at the Chicago Parliament of World Religions.

This book tells the story of many people of faith who have or are working together to care for the hungry and the homeless and who have dedicated their lives to creating a world at peace with itself and with the  earth

There is a particular focus on the World Congress of Faiths, founded in 1936 by Sir Francis Younghusband and of which Marcus and Mary have been members for over 50 years. Marcus is a Joint-President and Mary a Vice-President. 


The book is published by Braybrooke Press and is available from  and other on line  sites.

ISBN 978-0-244-07377-0



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